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    Oscar gets “Amphetimobilized”!

    Oscar’s been techin’ it up with Amphetamobile (a.k.a. AMMO), a relatively new company based in Philadelphia that specializes in developing and designing extraordinary document management Apps for iOS devices. CEO, SiNae Pitts PhD, is the brain behind this “movement” that is providing custom apps to a very focused... Read More

    Colorful Press Kits = Love.

    With an upcoming trade show in our future for our tile company, Oscar & Izzy, we’ve been tackling the “concepting stages” behind our press kit. We contacted 2 good friends, one being an English professor and one being a senior editor and picked their brains. Both are wordsmiths... Read More

    Branding + passion.

      When I am explaining branding to clients…I try to give them the rounded out meaning behind branding. It’s not just a logo, a letterhead, or the shirts your workers wear. It’s your business’ “being”. It’s how you act, it’s how your customer feels when they walk in... Read More

    Newsletters and keeping in touch = more business.

    As a small business owner, one understands the importance of communication with past customers and current customers, alike. We need to keep in touch because referrals are big! Oscar Design Studio has never had to necessarily “advertise”…we’ve just been referred to people and it’s paved a path of... Read More

    Oscar & Izzy Tiles = color makes us happy!

    Check out our latest and greatest! Click here.    ... Read More

    New client: Morgia Bridal

        Devin Pauley, a graduate from Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, PA was featured in the Philadelphia Fashion Week Fashion Show. Her line: Morgia Bridal is all about function and unique beauty…and we got to brand her! This logo nails how her attention to... Read More

    Hello world!

    Well goodbye old site, hello new site! Designed by Amy Mescia and developed by Andres Garcia, this site is rockin’. We were moved to go retro/mod…not that there is any obsession going on…errr. Enjoy!... Read More

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